Big Blue, an autobiography of Mary Rocha, is the story of a woman in her thirties, dissatisfied with work, love and no sense of direction in life who decides to leave Brazil to embark on a courageous journey to South Africa only knowing “I love whiskey”.


A trip planned for three months transformed into one year. The reader will travel alongside the protagonist discovering the joyful and rich culture of African people, where she also cites facts about racism and curiosities of one of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth.


Living in a country that speaks a different language teaches you more about yourself and how you cope with life in general finding ways to make it work. Mary Rocha gives full gripping details about the emotional strain that can be found during this transition in a humorous, enlightening and entertaining kind of way.


Big Blue was published in Portuguese by Chiado Books in Portugal and Brazil, but it will be translated in English and Spanish soon. Stay tuned on social media to know when that will be released.


Mary Rocha is currently a business owner, studies bachelor of music and lives in New Zealand with her German husband and her kiwi daughter.